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Vedic Wellness Foundation
  • C-15 South Extension Part 1 ,New Delhi 110049
  • 9810126656, 7703844163
  • Mon-Sat:  6:30am-6:30pm   Sun:  Closed

Founder Profile

Yogrishi Swami Ashutosh Ji, is an internationally acclaimed spiritual leader. Swami Ashutosh Ji is a Siddha Yogi in Kriya Yoga technique which focuses on spiritual development of an individual. He achieved the rare honour of Kaya Yogi, in which a yogi can transform his body.He has introduced a unique Yoga program among inmates of Tihar jail in Delhi and this successful experiment has established him as a prison reformer in India. This project have not only made Yoga popular among prisoners but also have transformed many of them into successful yoga teachers after getting out of prison.He has dedicated most of his life in pursuit of yogic & spiritual knowledge. During his spiritual quest he travelled to remote places in the Himalayan region (both in India and Nepal) learning different aspects of yoga as another wellness technique. He is a spiritual healer, Sidha, well-versed of Ayurveda and Naturopathy, also other Holistic therapies and Yoga. He has propagated Indian system of medicine across the globe.

Since childhood, he is well versed in Sanskrit, Ayurved and Vedic Philosophy. A strong Proponent of Indian cultural value, his services in many fields, research in the field of Yoga and his practical approach of Yoga and other holistic therapies has won him several thousands of admirers throughout India and made him a living symbol of Indian culture. His detachment to worldly happiness and devotion to social service has made him a phenomenal character in this materialistic world. He has a golden dream of disease free world. Revered Yogrishi Ji’s main objective is to make the world healthy, strong, prosperous & advance India and the pious work of organizing the disintegrated Indian society on caste, creed, religion, region and sex basis to establish India as a superpower.


Swami Ji has been spreading his knowledge of Yoga & Holistic Therapies by creating monthly training camps in India. Around thousands of people have been benefiting from these camps. One of his dreams has come true when on 21st June, 2015, under his supervision PYNCC conducted ‘World Yoga Day’ at Tihar Ashram. That day was declared as the ‘International Yoga Day’. PYNCC is proud to state that more than 10,450 inmates participated on ‘World Yoga Day’ and were awarded participation certificates. This achievement now features in ‘The Limca Book of Records’ as the biggest programme of its kind ever held in any jail in the world.

Tihar prison authority and collaboration with PYNCC started ‘Yoga Teachers’ Training Course’ (YTTC), which will help inmates to bring positive changes within themselves and in the society too which is badly in need. This YTTC programme, which is the brain child of Swami Ashutosh Ji, will be known as ‘RUPANTARAN’. PYNCC inculcates traditional yoga forms to build character with a sound mind and spiritual orientation. After the course they would be awarded certificate as Yoga Instructor and later be employed by the institute itself. PYNCC takes the responsibility to provide a new ray of hope for them once they are out of Tihar jail and set an example in the society. It’ll be their duty and responsibility to carry this reformation work throughout the jails all over India and across the world.


  • Conduct free Yoga camp for various rural & slum areas Delhi , U.P. , Bihar , Jharkhand , Uttrakhand , Rajasthan , Haryana & North east region .
  • Meditation camp for old age peoples in Punjab Kesri varisth nagrik club.
    Camps at KUMBH MELA 2010 at Haridwar .
  • Camps for AIDS & CANCER patients in several areas of Delhi & NCR reasons
  • Yoga & Meditation camp for Students in different age group & different school.
  • Free Ayurveda medical checkup & free treatment , medicine camp
  • One month(20th May to 21st June 2015) Yoga Camp in Tihar Jail
  • Regular Yoga classes at Tihar Jail
  • Yoga Teachers’ Training Course at Tihar (for Inmates)
  • Preparation of International Day of Yoga at All jails with in Tihar premises
  • Police Families Welfare Society (PFWS) Malviya Nagar
  • Delhi Police Battalion, Malviya Nagar
  • Police Families Welfare Society (PFWS) Vikas Puri
  • Police Families Welfare Society (PFWS) New Police Lines, Kingsway Camp
  • Delhi Police Training College (Jharoda Kalan)


More Achievements

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Delieveres the lecture of various  spiritual and holistic therapies like yoga Naturopathy Syurveda, Accupressurec Recki, Pranic healing, Astro, Numerulogy, Face reading, Palm teading Vastu shastra, Matma chikitsa, Swarkriya Vigyan, Yagna yherapy, Mantra healing Chakra healing, Time management, stress management and career counselling.